Family wealth

Establishment prospect

Family wealth management has been abroad for more than a hundred years, and many top overseas rich families have adopted this model to manage wealth, such as Rockefeller, Murdoch, Bill Gates, Hilton, Li Jiacheng and so on. Statistics show that there are at least 200 family wealth management in china". Family wealth management issues including investment, risk management, legal, tax, family governance, succession planning, charity management, art collection, security management, property management, global travel, entertainment Butler service.

According to the annual report of China Merchants Bank Chinese wealth, Chinese currently high net worth individuals - the hands of discretionary cash more than 8 million 1 million 500 thousand people, 1 million 500 thousand people in the 8-10 million people are ultra high net worth individuals, ultra high net worth population is close to half of the one-child family. And the high net worth crowd, almost 60% of the 45 - 65 years of this range of people. This part of the population is China's private wealth of the main, most of the one-child family. These only children or families face the protection of assets. But there are too many problems in this respect. With the development of the capital market and the inheritance of the arrival of the wave, Chinese family demand for family wealth management is more and more urgent, prediction Chinese family wealth management for the next ten years the market capacity is about 1000 - 2000, a huge market space.

Center Profile

Shanghai hiways family wealth management research center in family wealth related professional senior partner, marriage family, involving tax, enterprise management, investment, criminal lawyers, experts and scholars in different fields of cooperation with financial institutions, lib many insurance companies, investment companies, trust companies and domestic top audit and consulting, specializing in the Asia Pacific region high net worth families and business groups, provide customized tax planning, insurance planning, legal services, legal private family trust establishment, charity fund management and other comprehensive legal services.

Shanghai hiways family wealth management research center to build the largest high-end business China wealth legal services platform, a lawyer Chinese family wealth management services into the system, first proposed by lawyers led by law from Perspective of all-round monitoring of all wealth links, more secure, more standardized, more worry worry. For the dream, the pursuit of professionals in all fields to build a legal, financial, global platform. With professional, rigorous and private professional ethics, we provide our clients with a wealth based legal solution based on the global platform.

Management content

Asset management: For the extremely wealthy family, effective management of assets is the most important work, however, to manage a large scale and the need for the sustainable management of the property, in addition to a perfect asset allocation, but also to ensure the stable value of assets.

Tax planning: From the family members of the personal income tax to the family business income tax, tax planning is required for full range covers in addition, including the family inheritance and gift tax, is the need for early planning.

Charitable Foundation: Philanthropy plays a very important role for the rich people, not only can improve the whole family's reputation, but also to promote the family members of the centripetal force, can feedback to the public; in addition, you can also enjoy preferential tax breaks.

Family business management:Every family has its rich industry, industry and trade, may be the real estate development or investment, whether the separation of ownership and management rights will encounter problems in the future? Is through professional managers or family members to manage? How to allocate and ownership are required to provide problem? Relevant information to assist the decision.

Family relationship management:The dramatic enmity always frequently staged on the giants, the interpersonal relationship between family members and between generations, if not properly handled will damage the whole family foundation, and perhaps this is the family wealth management is the most challenging work.

Risk management:Inheritance and distribution of the family assets most likely to generate controversy, once neglected in advance planning, rapid loss is a direct consequence of assets; appropriate insurance and trust planning, can reduce the probability of the risk.

Other related services:The rich family still has many different kinds of service needs, from bill payment, daily living, travel arrangements, real estate management, is the family wealth housekeeper needed to function.

Research center framework

Family wealth planning group

Family wealth planning is the foundation of family wealth management, including trust planning, heritage and succession planning, tax planning, insurance planning, charitable planning for all members of the family in the coverage of wealth between cohesion, inheritance, family wealth management center is the core of the most important means. Through professional teams and effective service processes, family wealth planning meets the objectives of protection, management and inheritance of wealth among families and their members.


Family business management group

With the opening of domestic capital market, and continue to promote the RMB globalization strategy, domestic capital overseas investment demand increased day by day, the asset allocation of overseas assets ratio is gradually rise, the globalization of flexible asset allocation which can greatly improve the ability to resist risks, therefore, to accelerate the expansion of overseas investment, asset allocation it is also the inevitable trend of the future. Global asset planning group is a global and heritage perspective on family members, family and family enterprises overall asset planning and special asset planning is inevitable


Family business management group

The world of the family enterprise has two characteristics: one is the ownership of the enterprises controlled by the single family is two, two or more family members can play a role as management / governance, ownership and family relationships affect the direction of the development of enterprises to a great extent. At the moment, many Chinese family firms are facing the "critical moment" of "turning over sticks", and the development and continuity of family businesses have been tested. The management team of family enterprise solves the problem of hindering the growth and inheritance of family enterprise from the aspects of the governance structure and system of family enterprise.


Family criminal prevention unit

Criminal risk is the most fatal risk for family and family enterprises. It can not only lead to great loss of family wealth, but also lead to loss of wealth, freedom and life of family members. In the event of conflicts of interest, the parties often first think of the other party to find the cause of the crime, through criminal means to fight opponents. Family criminal prevention team through various criminal risk warning program to avoid family members, family business managers, family enterprises involved in criminal offenses.