Department introduction

International business department has a young team but full of international experience of professional lawyers, most of them are study or work abroad for several years, has a wealth of international experience. As hiways foreign-related business window, international business department through the workings of a team, to undertake a large number of foreign customers or foreign business in China (including litigation and non-litigation), at the same time help customers deal with their foreign legal affairs.

In the field of trade remedy, Hiways has one of the most powerful professional team in China. In the past 20 years, haihua yongtai lawyer agent for Chinese companies in the United States, the European Union, Brazil, Canada and other countries and regions of anti-dumping, countervailing investigations of more than 100, including many famous cases. In addition, Hiways to filed anti-dumping and anti-subsidy complaints on behalf of the Chinese enterprises and famous, is the only to litigation and petitions two aspects at the same time get "Chambers" recommended by the law firm.

Customs business is a trademark of Hiways, from professional ability and the skill of dealing with legal issues and the industry and customer praise. Our customs and international commercial trade team with many years of experience in import and export trade, customs, commodity inspection law service led by senior partner, at the same time hiring has decades of work experience of senior of customs legal experts as a consultant. Over the years, our customers include the world top 500 enterprises, well-known multinational companies, international accounting firms and law firms, large state-owned enterprises, etc., and set the "first" in many areas of the business of the brand.

Hiways help a large number of foreign clients deal with their trade and investment in China's affairs. In many cases, we start from customers to determine the investment intention to step in and help them to conduct due diligence, participate in business negotiation, drafting or modify the relevant legal documents, processing and related matters set up in the company. Since then, we also acting as legal counsel for the company, for the company to guard against and dissolve the day-to-day operations of legal and other risks. In recent years, we have to help many Chinese customers "going out", for their overseas investment strategy and process, to find and determine the appropriate third party service organization, various contract documents audit, do their "going out" the role of the general counsel.

In the financial sector, We help foreign customers into financial services market in China, and help Chinese clients from overseas financing. In addition, our team personnel composite background helps us integrated and comprehensive analysis and deal with all kinds of trade or investment problem, and carry on the tax planning.

Through various ways to effectively resolve contradictions and handle disputes are our strengths. Usually, head of international business and dispute settlements will carefully review each case, find the most capable lawyer, find the most effective solution. Our colleagues, and we have former judges, police officers, prosecutors, arbitrators, law school professor, they can at any time in the case, to assist the case consultation, in order to provide the best service to our customers.

Scope of service

Trade remedy

  • The anti-dumping litigation-responding/complaints
  • Countervailing investigations/complaints
  • Safeguard measures investigations/complaints
  • Tariffs and customs legal problems
  • To resort to the court, the WTO dispute settlement body of the dispute

Customs service

  • Training of customs affairs
  • Customs valuation
  • Commodity classlification
  • Country of origin
  • Processing trade
  • Equipment import and export
  • Multinational companies transfer pricingMultinational companies transfer pricing
  • Free trade and free trade zone

International Investment

  • Transaction structure design
  • Financing, investment, etc
  • Investment destination country legal environment survey
  • Outbound investment due diligence
  • Different judicial areas of conflict of laws to solve
  • Coordination of overseas local agencies
  • All kinds of domestic government, approval and registration procedures, etc
  • After the delivery of overseas investment and domestic business integration

Cross-border IPR

  • To enterprise's intellectual property rights (IPR) protection status evaluation and suggestion
  • Intellectual property rights for the record
  • Related products in the domestic market tracking, obtain evidence
  • Transfer, intellectual property protection
  • Investigation and relief for infringement of intellectual property rights

Cross-border financial

  • Overseas listing
  • Outside the issuance of bonds
  • Other cross-border financial legal services

WTOLegal affairs

  • International purchase and sale of goods transaction
  • Import and export contract legal services
  • The l/c, bills
  • Technical barrier to trade
  • International arbitration
  • Market access
  • WTO the application of the rules and its application in China
  • Other international trade legal problems
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