Department Introduction

Financial service is one of the main business areas of Hiways. We have been committed to the refinement and specialization of legal services. Finance Department is composed of many senior lawyers experienced in the sectors such as banking, insurance, trust, financial leasing, and Internet finance, who can safeguard their clients in financial businesses.

Banking and insurance business are the two main businesses of Financial Department. We provide legal counsel services for domestic commercial banks and insurance companies, with outstanding achievements in the field of syndicated loan, M&A loan, credit cards, insurance asset management, etc. The trust business is another important business area of Finance Department, a team of elite lawyers with senior lawyers at the lead provides quality services to the trust projects of clients, which is highly praised and recognized by the clients.

Financing lease business is a relatively mature business of Hiways. We design and make improvement for the organizational structure and deal structure for financing lease companies, assist them in bank loans, refinancing, risk management, debt collection, etc. We have formed a complete chain of legal services to protect the legitimate rights and interests of clients.

Following the trend of financial development, Hiways establishes the Internet Finance Business Center. The center consists of many senior lawyers with good reputation in the financial sector, who make in-depth study in the development model of Internet loan, crowdfunding, third party payment and other areas of Internet finance, and cling to the latest information on policies and laws and regulations, so as to provide the legal services of efficiency and security for clients.

Hiways has performed well in the field of asset management all along, and established the Asset Management Business Center. The center brings together many senior lawyers in the finance sector, who has strong collaboration and cohesiveness, enabling us to continuously explore and innovate on the basis of providing clients with quality services.

Hiways, as a law firm established in the field of financial legal services, , has provided extensive and in-depth legal services for many clients at home and abroad. Our clients include: banks (ICBC, CBC, ABC, BOC, BoComm, CMB, PAB, CEB, CMBC), trust companies (Shanghai Trust, Hwabao Trust, BoComm Trust, AJC Trust, Citic Trust, CCT, etc.), insurance companies (Ping An Insurance, Pacific Insurance, Taiping Insurance), finance leasing companies (Deutsche Leasing, ALD), Internet finance enterprises (Lufax, Ant Financial, CreditEase, etc.) and many other enterprises and institutions.

Scope of Service


  • Consortium loan
  • Commercial loan
  • Mortgage loan
  • Bills, factoring
  • Bond issuance
  • Financial derivatives
  • Disposition of non-performing asset

Financing lease

  • Incorporation and organizational structure design for financing lease companies
  • Structure design and contract drafting for financing lease deals
  • Refinancing of financing leasing companies
  • Post-loan risk management, debt collection, disposition of non-performing assets
  • Litigation, arbitration and enforcement for cases related to financing lease

Internet Finance

  • Business Pattern Design
  • Product Design
  • Compliance audit and internal control
  • Financing and investment businesses
  • Accounts receivable collection
  • Criminal risk prevention and control
  • Related litigation and arbitration

Assets management

  • Bank asset management
  • Insurance asset management
  • Securities asset management
  • Trust asset management
  • Fund asset management