Department Introduction

Securities is an important traditional core business of Hiways, with the sub-sectors including domestic and overseas IPO, securities issuance and refinancing, New Third Board, public fund and PE fund, bond issuance, ABS, etc.

Hiways has participated in the domestic and overseas IPO and listing, refinancing of listed companies, material assets reorganization of listed companies (including RTO), and other projects for numerous enterprises, and has accumulated rich experiences with excellent performance. Especially in the field of overseas listing, Hiways has become one of the institutions providing the most legal services of overseas listing in the industry, including at the United States, Britain, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, etc.

New Third Board is the core business of Hiways Securities Department. We have successfully assisted nearly one hundred enterprises to list in the small and medium-sized enterprise stock transfer system, assist listed companies in private placement as well as M&A and reorganization. In the regional equity exchange, we have been awarded by Shanghai Equity Exchange in 2015 as “Law Firm Completing the Most Listing Projects”. The diligence and conscientiousness of our lawyers in issuing legal opinions also won the respect and recognition of the clients.

Asset securitization transactions are complex and involve multiple parties. Through many years of experiences, Hiways has formed a mature and integral legal services pattern. Hiways provides a series of chain services from plan design, document review to issuance of legal opinions, and ranks among the best in securities sector.

Scope of Service

Capital market

IPO and listing, private placement of listed company, M&A and major asset restructuring of listed company, stock pledge and repurchase of listed company, bond issuance of listed company, management and employee equity incentive plan


  • NEEQ listing
  • Local equity exchange listing
  • Private placement of listed enterprise
  • M&A and reorganization of listed enterprise
  • Employee equity incentive plan

Public Fund and PE Fund

  • Establishment and filing of fund
  • Governance structure of fund
  • Compliance and risk control of fund
  • Private equity investment

Bond Issuance

  • Corporate bond issuance
  • Short-term financing bonds
  • MTN (Medium Term Note)
  • Debt Financing Instruments
  • Private placement bonds of small and medium-sized enterprise
  • Corporate bonds of listed company

Asset Securitization

  • Credit assets securitization
  • Project and asset income right securitization
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
  • Corporate bond issuance
  • Debt Financing Instruments
  • PPP project