Intellectual Property

Department introduction

Intellectual property business is one of the main business areas of hiways, we have been adhering to the "expert led, resources sharing, team work" the fine service mode, brings together the many in the patent, trademark, copyright, network intellectual property, trade secrets, unfair competition, and other fields has a profound theoretical knowledge and rich experience of lawyers and experts and professors, to undertake a large number of influential cases related to intellectual property rights. To maximize the interest of the customers for the purpose, we provide customized services to the customers, and with rich experience and outstanding performance enjoys a good reputation in the industry.

Application agency business is one of the important business of intellectual property department, through the early for our customers to provide professional legal and system planning, greatly increasing the accuracy and effectiveness of the application for agency business, for clients to provide solid foundation for the rights of future rights behavior.

Litigation rights of intellectual property department's traditional core business, in view of the intellectual property legal affairs strong technical and main problems, we established the intellectual property business center, at the same time and the institute of east China university of political science and law of intellectual property rights established strategic cooperation relations, will undertake the case involved in the process of major problems, and invite relevant experts, professors, discuss, greatly improve the effectiveness of the case to undertake.

Commercial secrets and intellectual property rights protection is the intellectual property department of the highlights of the business, especially the commercial secret because of its unique features and protection advantage, has become the enterprise core competitive ability, can bring long-term competitive advantage for enterprises and the huge economic benefits. We have been established for many state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises including commercial secrets and intellectual property rights protection system of special legal services, and help enterprises to know their own strengths and value, to the enterprise development for the long-term development planning, especially to determine technology r&d and innovation direction has a profound significance.

Scope of service

Patent agent and litigation

  • The patent retrieval and analysis
  • To apply for a patent for invention and utility model patents, exterior design patents
  • Patent reexamination, invalidation
  • Customs protection of patent applications
  • Patent rights pledge registration
  • The patent right transfer, license contract for the record
  • Patent infringement litigation

Trademark agency and litigation

  • Trademark search and apply for registration
  • Trademark of the renewal, change is registered trademark reexamination, dissent, invalid and the cancellation procedure
  • Customs protection of trademark applications
  • Trademark rights pledge registration
  • Trademark assignment, license contracts for the record Declaration of famous brand and well-known trademark
  • Trademark infringement lawsuit

Copyright and Internet intellectual property rights

  • Computer software registration
  • Registration of copyright in various published works
  • Shall be protected by the customs for the record
  • The Internet copyright, information network transmission right protection
  • Domain name registration and dispute dispute processing
  • The software, database rights
  • Online game products import, publishing, operation and protection of intellectual property rights
  • Copyright infringement lawsuits

Trade secrets and against unfair competition

  • Assist enterprises to establish a system for trade secret protection
  • Commercial secrets infringement investigation, evidence preservation and negotiation
  • Commercial secrets dispute lawsuit
  • The investigation of ACTS of unfair competition, the evidence preservation, and negotiations
  • Cases of unfair competition
  • Administrative disposal of intellectual property and the administrative litigation
  • Other intellectual property rights dispute lawsuit

Technology transfer and technology trade

  • Technology transfer related consulting
  • technology transfer whole legal services
  • Technology trade contract review
  • Technology trade business negotiations

Enterprise intellectual property legal services

  • Enterprise intellectual property legal adviser
  • Enterprise intellectual property strategy analysis and system construction
  • Enterprise intellectual property training (special training (training)
  • Corporate r&d project decision-making consultation
  • Enterprise intelligence and dynamic analysis of related technologies