Corporate & Commerical

Department introduction

As one of the core business of hiways company, has a solid theoretical foundation and rich experience in service. We offer our customers the company establishment, operation, change or terminate the relevant consultation and design scheme, and help the company to perfect the governance structure, the internal risk control, in view of the company's operating company involved in corporate finance, equity structure and management structure, the company's equity incentive mechanism, chain and franchise project to design the law, we can according to the different situation of each enterprise, to do a good job of prophase investigation, ensure to provide customized legal services, and become the customer enterprise development a solid backing.

M&a business is focus on developing business and commercial department of the company, we have a group of rich experience of senior lawyers, lawyer with labor law, intellectual property and investment and financing for companies to provide personalized and professional legal services. Effectively improve the efficiency of management of enterprise, promote enterprise benign operation, the good law for the enterprise, reduce unnecessary administrative penalties, civil liability and criminal liability, and may cause significant adverse impact on customers business other legal risks.

Bankruptcy liquidation business involving materials, we provide enterprises with from bankruptcy to the end of bankruptcy law. Hiways is the Shanghai higher people's court to assess the enterprise bankruptcy case manager, and I have to undertake a large number of bankruptcy and liquidation cases. We will agent creditors, the debtor and other legal subject to a people's court for bankruptcy, receivership, bankruptcy reconciliation, bankruptcy reorganization, compulsory liquidation, etc. Bankruptcy liquidation business lawyer proficient in all kinds of relevant laws and regulations, can be involved in the process of bankruptcy reorganization of various complex business factors to make a thorough consideration, to seek the most efficient and effective solutions.

We've signed with thousands of units perennial legal counsel service agreement, the main service targets are state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises, financial securities institutions, enterprises with foreign investment, real estate enterprises, high-tech enterprises, investment companies, such as the pace of growth is more and more quickly, and the commercial department of the company is becoming more and more stable.

Scope of service

Corporate governance

  • Corporate governance structure design
  • Internal control system design and optimization
  • Legal risk assessment and prevention
  • Contract management
  • Accounts receivable management
  • HRM(human resource management)
  • Labor Dispute Resolution
  • Corporate investment and financing

Acquisition and reorganization

    • Due diligence
    • Trading architecture design
    • Tax planning
    • Merger integration management and risk control
    • The state-owned assets property rights transactions

Bankrupcy liquidation

  • Bankruptcy petition
  • Receivership
  • Composition concerning bankruptcy
  • Bankruptcy reorganization
  • The liquidation by itself
  • Compulsory liquidation
  • Creditor Protection

Chain operation/strong>

  • Choose franchise mode, franchising plan formulation
  • Franchising legal documents
  • Establishment, operation, maintenance of franchising management system
  • Franchising and chain protection of intellectual property rights
  • Punishment of customer complaints, government, media events and deal with the crisis public relations
  • Join in the process of whole legal service for the joining trader