Dispute Settlement

Department introduction

Hiways dispute settlement department by the theory foundation of basic skills, deep, rich experience in the judicial practice, and litigation of skilled senior lawyers. Face the litigation and arbitration cases involving various, legal problems also each are not identical, hiways lawyer its own excellent professional skills, to provide clients with operable solution, at the same time, we are rich in the experience of cross-border business, with the rigorous attitude guarantee of litigation and arbitration procedure compliance, with professional ability it can maximize the legitimate interests of the customer.

Business involved in civil and commercial dispute resolution department, administrative, criminal, international business, at the same time, in the housing disputes, labor disputes, marriage and family, and refining business aspects of performance significantly. With our professional ability and rigorous responsible to undertake good service attitude to deal with each case, whether it is a legal fact clear simple cases, or complex cases involving multiple legal department, our business team will formulate corresponding legal services strategy, demonstrated that the most appropriate treatment scheme, in order to get the best effect of cases. Litigation and arbitration provisions relating to the application of business is various, from the perspective of customers, we save the cost of dispute resolution and provide the most direct, most efficient legal service.

Hiways lawyer who was involved in a number of legislative program, a number of partners, a former judge or the arbitration organization of the people's courts at all levels of the arbitrator, the benefit we can more accurately grasp the court or arbitration institution of legal application, the maximum to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the parties.

Hiways already dealt with all kinds of housing construction, such as intellectual property, labor, marriage, inheritance thousands of litigation and arbitration case, including many cases in a sensational impact at home and abroad, and become the typical cases of justice.

Scope of service

Business, finance, litigation and arbitration

  • Lawsuit prevention programs
  • Litigation strategy design
  • V. the former investigation, property preservation before litigation
  • On behalf of a lawsuit, apply for evidence preservation, apply for property preservation
  • Apply for judicial authentication file a counterclaim, the appeal, the appeal
  • The dispute mediation, reconciliation to apply for the execution of court decisions

The administrative reconsideration and litigation

  • The analysis of the claims and strategy design
  • Administrative review
  • State compensation (criminal compensation and administrative compensation)
  • Other administrative cases on behalf of the appeal, the appeal for the execution of court decisions

Property disputes

  • V. the former investigation
  • Before litigation mediation, reconciliation
  • On behalf of the lawsuit is not satisfied with the arbitral award, the appeal, appeal, etc
  • Property disputes mediation, conciliation and arbitration and litigation activities

Marriage and family

  • foreign-related divorce
  • foreign Inheritance
  • Marital property disputes
  • Divorce dispute
  • Invalid marriage disputes
  • Cohabitation dispute
  • Raising the dispute
  • Succession dispute

Labor dispute

  • Labor of human resource management
  • Illegal and criminal cases and other senior employees
  • Enterprise union of disputes and disputes
  • Enterprise the declaration, pay social insurance, social insurance relations transfer
  • Mediation, conciliation and arbitration of labor dispute cases and litigation activities

Arbitration case

  • Arbitration before the investigation
  • Arbitration procedure of the strategy design
  • The whole arbitration cases
  • The dispute mediation, reconciliation
  • Drafting, examining related agreement
  • To apply for the execution of the arbitral award

Cross-border litigation and arbitration

  • Formulate reasonable methods and procedures of dispute solution
  • Background investigation and apply for evidence preservation, the property preservation
  • Litigation or arbitration activities
  • A solution of planning and effective commercial interest
  • Perform court or the arbitration ruling
  • To apply to the Chinese court acknowledged the validity and implementation of foreign court judgments or written orders