Department introduction

Criminal business is one of the characteristics of business of hiways, haihua yongtai criminal division is made up of a number of proficient in criminal law, criminal procedure law of senior lawyers, most of them graduated from famous domestic colleges and universities of political science and law, business, professional and sophisticated, in dealing with all kinds of major, difficult and complex criminal cases, especially in the field of business, financial crime, crime duty crime have rich practical experience and successful cases.

We will to undertake criminal cases, detailed follow up at various stages of investigation, examination and prosecution, trial, investigation and puts forward the optimal legal advice as early as possible. We undertake a number of economic duty crime cases for corruption, job occupation, illegal operations, trafficking, money laundering criminal defense services. At the same time, the criminal division join international business department, dispute settlement department and other departments actively carry out overseas anti-corruption business, already dealt with a successful case, has accumulated rich experience in practice.

In terms of criminal risk prevention, Hiways lawyer advocates the combination of practice and theory, with the attitude of rigorous, careful, efficient, for clients to provide professional legal services, maximize the forecast, reduce and avoid companies and their senior managers could face criminal risk; In terms of criminal defense, selection in our defense Angle, courtroom cross-examination, debates, etc, have rich experience, many times in the major difficult case, for the interests of the parties to maximize for the parties and the high praise in the industry. In overseas anti-corruption laws related to service, we also make full use of hiways based on international, the advantages of team work, has a timely on international anti-corruption policy trends, in-depth research and analysis, provide high quality legal service to our customers.

Hiways  has also set up the commercial crime research center, held seminars on a regular basis, in view of legal theory research hot spot and focus of controversy in judicial practice, give full play to the business center of academic advantage, promote the firm further combination of practice and academic, has become the criminal division theory of the solid backing.
Scope of service

Criminal risk prevention

  • Corporate criminal legal risk prevention
  • Investigation of anti-corruption
  • Occupation crime prevention
  • Executive practice risk of criminal prevention and control training

Criminal legal services

  • Consultation, investigation and evidence collection
  • Reports, complaints and complaints
  • For the investigation stage of criminal suspects to provide legal advice
  • The criminal suspect for examination and prosecution stage, trial of the defendant, the appellant to act in his defense
  • As a criminal victim agent
  • As a case of the plaintiff agent
  • Incidental civil action

Overseas anti-corruption

  • Anti-corruption legal matters prior advice and consultation
  • The anti-corruption due diligence
  • The judicial organs investigation, law enforcement procedures and other overseas affiliate program
  • Of disputes over overseas anti-corruption legal compliance, litigation or arbitration