Wednesday, 11 January 2017 11:09

Hiways Law Firm Invited to Public Welfare Annual Meeting

On Jan. 6th, 2017, Public Welfare Annual Meeting of Lawsvalue and “Star Umbrella Shanghai Autistic Family Care Project”was held. Senior partner Zhang Yi was on behalf of Hiways law firm participated this meeting. Jiang An, deputy director of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Justice; Zhen Qi, director of Shanghai Lawyers Association Public Welfare and Legal Aid Business Research Committee; Li Chenfei, deputy director of Shanghai Youth Home Organization Service Center; Wang Fengmei, CEO of Lawsvalue, delivered a new year speech to Autistic Family.



The chances of life are different; children in lucky family are smart. But unfortunately, the pain ofthose families with disabled children, especially autistic children, cannot be described in words.

“Star Umbrella” Autism family care project has been established for 3 years, has united a number of legal circle-based volunteer service team, and has brought a lot of help to the autistic family so that parents could get some relief and making those "little stars" getting warmer.



Nearly 200 volunteers from the legal professional community came to the scene, accompanied more than 50 autistic families to celebrate the New Year together! As a law firm with a certain size and a certain degree of reputation, in the process of improving the capacity of providing professional legal services, Hiways law firm will also actively fulfill our social responsibility, to participate in various social welfare undertakings, to help vulnerable groups and to build a harmonious society!