Tuesday, 10 January 2017 11:07

The ECUPL&Hiways Postdoctoral Forum

On Jan. 7th, the East China University of Political Science and Law(hereinafter called ECUPL) &Hiways Law Postdoctoral Forum was held in the Changning campus of ECUPL by Hiways Law Firm, ECUPL postdoctoral research station, ECUPL journal editorial department and ECUPL civil society and law development research center.


The theme of this forum is “legal system construction and legalization of grassroots governance”. GuGonggeng, the vice-chancellor of ECUPL, and Zhang Cheng, the director of Hiways law firm, delivered a speech respectively, then famous jurist, professor Liu Xianquan and JiWeidong gave a speech.


Zhang Cheng, the director of Hiways law firm, said, China’s law construction is gradually improved with the development of society and economic, the law construction has also promoted the development of China’s economic. As a practical legal firm, Hiways law firm committed to meet the customer needs, and also tobear the mission of China’s law construction.

In the afternoon session, the forum was divided into three parts: “judicial governance and law system construction”, “social transformation and law system construction”, “economic sharing and law system construction”. More than 70 of youth postdoctoral scholars, judges at all levels and other legal practitioners from all over the country to speak on the forum.


Ma Jingyun, the senior partner of Hiways law firm, gave a report in the title of “The Construction of Judicial Negotiation Mechanism and Judicial Effect in Criminal Procedure”. She said, in the criminal proceedings, the usage of judicial negotiation mechanism can better protect the judicial human rights, reconstruct the communication and collaboration in the judicial field, and can also improve the acceptability of judgments. The judicial negotiation mechanism can provide a new path for criminal trials.

This forum, which has a strong academic atmosphere and closely connected with the legal practice, was successfully ended in warm applause. “To promote the integration of judicial practice and legal theory, to practice the concept of the law and to win professional respect” is the social missions of Hiways law firm. This forum is also an important step on the professionalismconstruction of Hiways law firm.