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The TPP "kick" who "ass"

In the whole country celebrate the National Day and the sun happiness everywhere, ocean the other shore of Atlanta, the United States led the Pacific rim of 11 friends together signed a so-called TPP (the trans-pacific strategic economic Partnership Agreement, called the English Trans - Pacific Partnership Agreement) of the Agreement.

Who does not speak wisdom among the people? Ocean, I in addition to the vast country national friend circle complained about traffic jams and Qingdao "for shrimp", also added a new word - "kick ass". Please have a look at a:

What is the TPP? Is the United States of the WTO, contemplating the Lord would bring China into group, found that Chinese just grab a red envelope, penny money didn't, also often quarrel with group manager and group of friends, because in the face and can't kick it out. So group manager America with a group of full of not willing partners and opened a small group of TPP, the small group who are welcome, is not welcome in China, who draw in China, who play into group, hereinafter referred to as "kick ass (TPP)".

Others said, "kick ass" is headed by the United States, Japan and other countries as an accomplice of some countries about China's rise, especially our government leading all the way "area", "the brics", "the investment bank", such as a powerful response, is to form new encirclement of China. Then, all kinds of disaster said also constantly stimulate people's attention.

How should see the TPP?

Before talking about the TPP, let us look to look at the world economic pattern. On the one hand, as an important representative of international trade and the world economy - the world trade organization (WTO) since its creation in 1995, 20 years almost nothing. Launched in 2001, a new round of multilateral negotiations - "the doha development agenda" troubled (for this reason, many people announced that "the WTO is dead"). On the other hand, countries including the United States, China and other countries, vigorously promote bilateral free trade agreement. Can say, "the doha development agenda" 10 years of frustration is the fastest growing bilateral or regional free trade agreements for 10 years.

From an economic point of view, the TPP it's not a big deal. As early as barack Obama took office soon proudly announced the beginning of the TPP, I discussed with the us government and scholars. Most people think that it is a trade policy of the Obama in terms of concept, because most of the United States and its countries have already concluded a free-trade agreement.

But the Obama administration pushed the TPP is clearly not simply consider the economic interests. If the "area" all the way through the PPT and even political and economic siege China stunt is a bit exaggerated, there is no denying the fact that we, the TPP shows the United States to establish themselves as the core of "friends", at the same time to establish the intention of "friends" rules of the game.

We don't need to worry, and don't have to fear the TPP. At best, the TPP but in the United States, Japan, led by part of the country with a trade pact (follow-up has yet to be approved). Besides, China is not only to nearly 20 countries and signed a free trade agreement, and there are ambitious plan and roadmap "area". But on the other side, we need to attach great importance to the TPP could influence on international trade and investment, especially for the influence of international trade rules and mechanisms. For so many years, China's trade volume growth, but not trade status at the corresponding position, is one of the important reasons, China's international trade rules and mechanism of participation and influence is not enough.

The TPP is insufficient. But we cannot rule out the future the United States, the European Union and other countries or regions will also make other concepts. I think that China needs to walk yourself's road, firmly in the development of national trade and prosperity of the domestic market at the same time, attaches great importance to the rules of competition in the market. As a result, the TPP, who can't play "ass", also can not play!

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