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The raise practical origin of literature and art

In 2015 the first year is called the raise China, as if all the raise is a new thing, actually the raise is a art van is very old topic, but didn't call the raise. The raise the word by English crowdfunding translation, namely the public finance, refers to in the form of group purchase + pre.

1, the raise of western sources

The prototype of the western the raise dates back to the 18th century, when many literary works are all rely on a method called "order" (subscription). For example, in 1713, English poet Alexander Pope has adopted the raise pattern to complete the translation of poetry in ancient Greece. Before start the translation program, Pope that promise poetry subscribers to offer them a complete after complete the translation work, at the same time work will also write the name of the subscriber, but subscribers need to pay a fee to purchase in advance, Pope creatively adopted the raise as a way to raise money to help him to complete the translation work, the way was later adapted for use by many artists. In 1783, for example, Mozart music hall in Vienna to show recently wrote three piano concerto, he was to invite some potential supporters, said they would provide the manuscript to the supporters, at the same time the manuscript will also write the name of the supporters, have 176 supporters to help Mozart finally realize his desire.

2, the rise of the Internet and the raise

The world's earliest established the raise website is ArtistShare, began operations in 2001. In conformity with the western the historical origin of the raise, the earliest of the raised platform for music artists and fans. Artists through the site adopt the way of financing "fans" to fund their own projects, fans give money directly to recording artist can watch after recording process.

In 2005, ArtistShare service "for the creative artist new business model" has been widely acclaimed, it through the novel and original project financing channels to artists and fans at the same time, and created a strong, loyal fan base. That same year, American composer Maria Schneider "Concert in the Garden" grammy winner of the first not winning album in retail sales. The album is ArtistShare first fans financing project. Schneider because the album won four grammy nominations, and eventually won the award for "best big band album".

Guo's 2014 "small age 3", "small age 4 red box office, is also the suggests, alibaba launched the first entertainment treasure, so-called" investment of 100 yuan do small times investors ", super hot fans response, shandong, jiangsu and other places have only 100000 people joy when shareholders. Is there all over the country after the film, the entertainment treasure to users to make a block booking, invited the user free viewing. Many users said it would take a friend to watch, ask a friend to show off is to investors. And small times operation success is the use of fans viscous completed the investment recovery and the marketing of the film, the large sums of money than pure investment company investment more valuable and influence.

If ArtistShare opened the prelude of the Internet and the raise, then kickstarter has pushed the rise of the Internet the raise. The site through the network platform in the face of public financing, make creative people may get the money they need, so that their dream can be realized. The rise of this model has broken the traditional financing model, every ordinary people can be gained through this kind of raise pattern the engaged in a creative or money, make financing source is no longer confined to the vc etc, and can be derived from the public.

3, the raise in the development of China

Launched in July 2011 the roll call is the first domestic the raised platform, as well as the most mature of the largest development raise network platform.

According to "China issued by the department horse money monthly bulletin the raising industry in September 2015, by the end of September 2015, the national the raised platform for a total of 279, among them, the normal operation of the raised platform, 261; Encouraging the raised platform 87, equity the raised platform 135, hybrid the raised platform 43 (cover two or more business model, such as equity type + reward type, etc.), the raised platform three fundraising type, the raised platform six bond type, public welfare type to the raised platform three, two of the other.

The raise is still in its infancy in China at present, network development, raise the first year is called the China in 2015. The raise as the most potential industry also will more swift and violent development. According to a report by the world bank, in 2025 China will become the world's biggest raise the investor, is expected for the 96 billion dollar market contributed nearly half of the money (us $45.9 billion - $50.1 billion), which is basically in 2012, twice the overall risk investment. Believe the prediction data can make all the raise website to get more joy and expectation.