Tuesday, 02 August 2016 00:00

Hiways helping Shanghai medical micro - new three board landing digital technology co., LTD

On July 29, 2016, the Shanghai medical micro - to undertake by digital technology co., LTD.

In the national small and medium-sized enterprise listed stock transfer system and open the transfer of the project, the relevant application materials stock transfer system has obtained the national small and medium enterprises to accept.

D micro - the main use of digital technology and creative vision, integration of professional medical knowledge, health and other industry to provide the enterprise value promotion, product display and experience, professional knowledge training and a series of digital display and the experience of comprehensive solutions. At present, the company's main products and services include providing propaganda and teaching of three-dimensional digital video, mobile applications, and other visual design and implementation. In addition, the company will be the mobile Internet and virtual reality technology (VR technology for short), is vigorously developing surgery medical service platform, mobile application (APP) "willow militia" (English name Surgeek) construction, layout of mobile medical treatment and medical service industry actively.

Haihua yongtai to provide full legal services for listed companies, the project by this Chen Qiuguo law, Lu Juncheng lawyers to undertake. In the process of the project progress, the lawyer and the host to securities brokerage China and, rui hua certified public accountants and other institutions in close cooperation, problems involved in the company listed in detail and professional analysis, proposed the concrete solution and complete all the work, finally received the affirmation of partners and customers.