Tuesday, 02 August 2016 00:00

Respond to a nation called on Hiways new three board project gave birth to two pairs of "twins"

In July 2016, the partners Zhong Lifeng lawyer lead the team to undertake by the anhui merchants letter logical administration information technology co., LTD.

Shandong huang ren new materials co., LTD., in the national stock transfer system of small and medium-sized enterprises (" new three board ") project has obtained the consent of the issued shares transfer system and public listing on the transfer of the letter (the "listing approval letter");

At the same time, by guangdong longteng Zhong Lifeng lawyer lead the team to undertake electrical and mechanical co., LTD., hefei Dewey intelligent technology co., LTD., in the national small and medium-sized enterprise listed stock transfer system (the "new three board") and open the transfer of the project received the listed shares transfer system to accept the letter.

Through the joint efforts of our colleagues, practicing what I committed to provide first-class rigorous professional legal service commitment - "professional respect", the securities business, for me to win the customer high praise.

Anhui merchants letter logical administration information technology co., LTD. The main business for the computer software product development, sales, technical services and system integration, mainly to the party and government organs, institutions, large enterprises in areas such as customers with software products and the overall solution, and to the customer provide information system planning and consulting, application software custom development, the software system operational management, and other services. This partner Zhong Lifeng lawyers and lead the team works closely with the project to other institutions, history of the capital contribution to the company problems, effectively regulated companies through methods such as the action of the problem such as false capital contribution, and through to the reasonable use of the tax law, effectively solved in the history of the individual income tax and enterprise income tax preferential terms of software enterprises tax issues.

The project after a feedback that is complete listing work.

Guangdong longteng electrical and mechanical co., LTD., mainly engaged in electric power facilities (including distribution) installation, water supply and drainage, fire protection engineering installation, to provide customers with application of water electricity, construction, water sending acceptance and other one-stop engineering installation services, and provide customers with professional and technical operation training, timely and effective treatment of follow-up services such as water supply power supply failure. Zhong Lifeng lawyer team aiming at the existence of enterprise subcontracting, administrative penalty and the corresponding problems such as the production and business operation qualification, brokerage companies and the host and conducted in-depth exchanges and cooperation, on the legal problems of the enterprise with nuanced, help enterprises to the capital markets.

Hefei Dewey intelligent Polytron Technologies Inc to instrumentation R & D, manufacturing and sales of the main business. The company mainly relies on the technical strength of independent research and development, production and sales of their instruments, the lawyer partner Zhong Lifeng led the team to provide full legal services for this project, in close cooperation with the host firms, accounting firms, the company due to investment problem has a long history of formation, a detailed review and analysis of professional problems and encourage the company's development strategy the equity holding platform, and carried out a series of acquisitions, sale, after the reform of the capital before the restructuring, successfully solve the problem with the competition, put forward practical solutions listed in the he, the successful completion of the work, get the praise and affirmation of customers and brokers, cooperation accountant.

Shandong huang ren new material co., LTD is a company dedicated to manufacturing and sales of PVC delay pressure film, PVC decorative materials, plastic film, plastic sheets. At present, the company in the PVC film pressure series product development and research, pour into a large number of technical strength and purpose in the development of marketable new products and high-end products, improve product competitiveness. The company is the collection production, sales and marketing in a body's enterprise. Companies relying on its own patent technology, engaged in PVC calendered film production and sales, the company response to the national energy conservation and environmental protection policy, focusing on development of low environmental protection product. In the process of this project, our partner Zhong Lifeng lawyer team with enterprises and intermediary institutions for a good cooperation and help the company to the architectural design, increased after the restructuring, transformation and a series of operations, to help enterprises in the standardization management of at the same time, further develop and expand.

The project also work only after a round of feedback is successfully completed.

As of late July 2016, haihua yongtai have helped 55 excellent growth companies listed on the new three board, successfully enter the capital market (source: wind).