Wednesday, 10 August 2016 00:00

Hiways of pt acquisitive gem listed on the stock transfer system to provide full legal services

On July 28, 2016, Shanghai tai wu jewelry co., LTD. (stock abbreviation: tai wu shares; stock code: 838524) in the small and medium-sized enterprises and public listing on the transfer of the share transfer system.

Tai wu jewelry is a professional jewelry sales company, main products are Tejas (brands) brand series jewelry, products related to loose diamonds, red sapphire, and emerald, Tanzania, pearls and inlaid stone jewelry, etc. Products combined with the specific needs of consumers at all levels, each age, classification design, hierarchical planning, suitable for all people, widely popular with the customers, products are mainly used for wearing a decoration, wedding, wedding, gifts, investment value.

Haihua yongtai as the Thai acquisitive jewelry new three board listed special legal adviser of the project, provides a full listing companies legal services. The project by the senior partner YanJieGong, "how many mooncakes one gets measures, xue Fang Yun etc. Several lawyers undertake. Project progress in the process, to undertake a lawyer in close cooperation with host brokers, such as southwest securities institutions, issues involved in the listing companies and professional analysis in detail, from the Angle of legal professional company shares transfer system for qualified cohabitancy and analyze, successfully finished all the work, the customers and partners get the praise and affirmation.