Wednesday, 10 August 2016 00:00

Changsha branch to undertake four private equity fund managers "legal opinion" are made through registration

On July 27 and 28, my private equity fund managers to register "legal opinion" business to spread good news: Ceng Xin, ling-yun guo by changsha branch office of two senior lawyers undertake and asset management (hunan) co., LTD. 

Hunan Shared wealth management co., LTD., the private equity fund managers to register "legal opinion", the major matters change special legal opinions for review by the China securities industry association, the above two private-equity firms fund products at the same time get the association for the record. As of August 1, changsha branch office has been successful to undertake five "legal opinion" the business of private equity firms.

It is reported, the mechanism of "legal opinion" reported on July 4, and 6, respectively, after the association of lawyers and active communication, try to shorten the time limit of the audit, finally before the "time" on August 1, completed the "shell" company. Haihua yongtai lawyer, efficient service, won the relevant agency director agreed! To protect the interests of the investors, the lawyer will also to continuous supervision agencies, ensure company compliance in accordance with the law.

According to the interpretation of the head of China's fund industry association, on August 1 uncommitted "legal opinion" private equity firms or for the record fund products, fund managers that be cancelled, but after August 1, can still to the industry association to apply for registration, registration should submit the legal opinion. At the same time, for the new set up but unregistered private equity managers, must be submitted during registration "legal opinion".

Lawyer at present, changsha branch office also held three this year new private equity fund managers "legal opinion" business registration, relevant due diligence work is under way.