Wednesday, 24 August 2016 00:00

Do you know? After the deadline, Hiways to undertake private equity fund managers registered legal opinions and approved

On August 23, by Liang Lijin lawyers team to undertake a certain asset management company apply for registration of private equity fund managers legal opinion, disposable through the review of the Chinese securities investment fund industry association, successful registration for the record.

This is after the deadline on August 1, and a success.

On July 28, 2016, the asset management company, apply to the association of Chinese securities investment fund industry products for the record was rejected!

August 1, the Chinese securities investment fund industry association (hereinafter referred to as the "association") published on the announcement of private equity fund managers cancellation of relevant matters, "on February 5, 2016 registered, and carries on August 1, 2016 has legal advice to apply for or submit an application for first private equity fund products for the record, is being dealt with in the process of private equity fund managers, association will postpone to handle the appropriate time, and will be published to handle the state."

The company find Liang Lijin lawyer on August 5, worried, before the company ignored the fund managers for the record, until July 28 products for the record was rejected, the company realized the gravity of the situation. This company are very concerned, products in a hurry to send, company managers qualification will be cancelled. One thousand fund managers failed to record success, the consequence is very serious. On August 1, although the association rules can be delayed, but how long the postpone, presence of record in the company, not through, are unknown. On August 5th at Friday, in such a state of emergency, Liang Lijin team carries on the case, began to rescue the private fund managers.

Facing difficulties and pressure of the time and heavy task, already very not easy, with the development of the due diligence work, the undertaking lawyer found that the private equity fund managers published numerous, the need to disclose the related party and the content of the legal opinion is complex, coupled with the manager and related matters with inconsistent association website, even at the same time also in the business change of relevant formalities, further increases the difficulty and risk, beam lawyers lead the team to work overtime, cobwebs, clarify the relations, every detail, diligently to published in accordance with the requirements of the association of each legal advice.

Since August 5, preliminary communication, Liang Lijin lawyer on August 8, led the team started to play due diligence, to August 16, submit a legal opinion to association system, until August 23, one-time registration and filing of audit by association, the whole project lasted just two weeks, the case was finally made through the asset management company managers.

The asset management company to Liang Lijin lawyer team of professional, dedicated expressed highly praised, again confirm haihua yongtai the spirit of "professional respect"!

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