Wednesday, 27 March 2013 00:00

City bar for the thirteenth issue new lawyer in ceremony

1 p.m. on March 27, 2013, 13 issue of the new law into line ceremony was held in Shanghai lawyers association hall smoothly as scheduled.

Shanghai lawyers hippocrene joint first lawyer spoke on behalf of the new line. As a lawyer after 80 horse talk humor is concise, artful. Thank you in bar and various law firms for general practice care, also said a rough understanding of the lawyer in the future road, will be up and down and search. YanXueHai lawyer as a famous lawyer, briefly on the speech. Yan lawyer tightly around the "professional" and "thick Germany", "stick to" three aspects. "Professional" means to do things, "thick DE" refers to the person, and the most important thing is that should adhere to the principle of direction and abide by the professional person. Said, yan led and new lawyer solemn oath: "I am willing to join the lawyers... strive to maintain social fairness and justice." Sonorous powerful oath in the lecture hall, singing filled. Finally, by the municipal jointed, vice President of Shao Shufan delivered a speech. Shao, first of all, congratulations to all new lawyer said. Then on "theory with practice", "judges and lawyers", "benefit and fairness", new and old. Based on years of practice experience, with some examples to cay, to warn the new into the bank's lawyer: adjust their mentality, strengthen business study, stick to the principle of industry. Finally, sweetly, the shao's chairman, said the bar is the home of a lawyer. Encourage everyone at the same time, the growing social image for the lawyer industry, and strive to the completion of the socialist concept of rule of law. Will never put off till tomorrow what you can, you new lawyer stalked out of the hall, laughing, are looking forward to the future official career as a lawyer.

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