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Jointed information network with high and new technology business research committee held "Internet + law" industry workshop

On March 27, 2015 afternoon, & have spent Shanghai information network with high and new technology business research committee under the all China lawyers association held in the city is jointed hall "Internet + law" industry workshop.

The meeting invited to Pan Yuexin founder of jun he law firm lawyers, ying tung senior partner in a law firm Dong Dong winter lawyers and lawyers director YanXueHai haihua yongtai has been paying attention to the firm of lawyers industry informatization leader, is a lawyer familiar with various legal portal experts represent information industry as well as to the law of investment and financing business representatives. Conference by the information network and high-tech business, director of the research committee was presided over by ShangJianGang lawyers, more than 130 people attended.
Speaking for the seminar by the experts of the legal website theme, the lawyer to ask questions and discuss. Meeting first respectively by four website specialist to "legal industry how to Internet +", "the Internet's influence on the lawyer" "legal service information exploration", "lawyer industry electronic contract management" and other topics for analysis. The four experts and their teams before a lot of people is our legal practitioners, they from judges, lawyers, legal and other professional roles successfully converted into a number of legal information construction to guide. Lawyers at the same time, the approach of case rate on website business lawyer, diabetes mellitus shunt positioning mode, big data, salary payment and risk control and so on has carried on the thorough discussion. In all the discussion we is not hard to find: "Internet + law" of economic form has quietly generated in a lawyer's practice environment. "Internet + law" represents the lawyer industry a new economic form, more and more lawyers will make full use of the optimization and integration of the Internet, the Internet fusion law service, so as to effectively improve their legal services specialization degree and the innovation value.

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