Friday, 13 January 2017 00:00

This is a senior partner at shengxing lawyer, told xinhua news agency

This is more than a senior partner at shengxing lawyer, told xinhua news agency that the enterprises deal with trade friction with China on trade friction problem views.

In recent years, Chinese enterprises accelerate the pace of internationalization, last year, the first year of Chinese enterprises "going out" total overseas investment of Chinese enterprises with foreign investment in China for the first time, China's enterprises to export trade also rose sharply, so how to make Chinese enterprises in the process of going out more smooth, reduce trade friction, is a topic of concern. China is now the eu's second largest trading partner, while the European Union is China's enterprises to export trade barriers. Xinhua news agency reported the interview centered in recent years, the eu trade remedy measures on China's overall situation, the transformation of Chinese enterprises will reduce to bring the positive influence trade measures, as well as the Chinese government, industry associations, professional organizations in dealing with the trade remedy measures the performance of the problem and improvement etc. Based on the long-term follow-up research and legal practice, yu shengxing lawyers argue that the eu trade remedy in China has increasingly "involving" and "anti-subsidy as threatening", "frequently" the iron and steel industry and so on several big characteristics. Recently, the eu has frequent against China's steel trade remedy measures, clearly has a 15 years of China's accession to the WTO rules transition is about to finally get a vote before the expiration of the psychological. However, more than a lawyer remind our country enterprise attaches great importance to and alert, including European Union steel, some European and American interests in recent trends, including trying to promote the government fails to perform the WTO commitments (not applicable to China's "non-market economy" to the expiration of the terms), or simply "not as" (drag don't change the law or practice, try to extend the terms of "non-market economy" in China). In the face of such situation, more than a lawyer suggested that enterprise itself should joint efforts with the government, business association, relevant departments should be encouraged and promoted enterprise spontaneously and voluntarily temporary special groups, actively cope with the international trade disputes, firm and clear Chinese enterprises' overall and long-term interests. Yu shengxing lawyer more than ten years, the main agent of state-owned enterprises

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