Friday, 13 January 2017 00:00

Ticket behind the bank bills - ShiTianYou attorney the legal daily agency reporter interview

At present, under the background of the paper market prosperity, frequent paper case, regulators on a large number of tickets.

 anThree or four line city branch department punishment paper WeiFaAn involving millions, more than one hundred million yuan. How paper market is a market? The market of water why so deep? Even if has a risk, there are still so many Banks "devoted" to do the illegal things, and has long-standing illegal behavior. Behind it, in addition to bank profit-driven, what factors? A few days ago, the negotiable instrument law experts ShiTianYou lawyer accepted the legal daily reporter to interview, briefly expounds the basic principle of instrument operation, says the bank to take an active part in paper market dynamics, analyzes the main reasons of the crime is a negotiable instrument. "From the point of current media disclosure of information, bank paper case problems, mainly is a question of internal management system." Negotiable instrument law experts ShiTianYou lawyer said. At the same time, the lawyer said, in the process of bank acceptance bill is dealt with, ticket sales, enterprises need to pay a deposit to the bank first, if the drawer business before the maturity, will fill the rest of the deposit the full amount, the bank after the due date is payable to bearer or without risk. Once the ticket enterprises can't put the rest of the deposit in full before filling in the maturity, Banks also need to draft at maturity to bearer unconditionally in the future. If Banks allow ticket enterprises take loans ACTS as the bank acceptance deposit, it means that the drawer enterprises themselves without any deposit and apply for bank acceptance, once the ticket enterprise capital chain appear problem, all risks will pass on to the bank draft. See on May 5, 2016, the legal daily (" weekend "rule of law), the first edition, the eighth edition.