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Provide high quality professional legal services - remember to enterprise investment and financing of hiways law firm in Shanghai

Hiways Law Firm(Shanghai) was founded in 1995, after nearly 13 years of efforts, the comprehensive index which is located in Shanghai.

Leading enterprise investment and financing in the Shanghai professional legal services, including real estate infrastructure, financial securities, international business, international finance and other aspects of the legal service content. Haihua yongtai law firm headquartered in Shanghai, in Beijing, suzhou and other places with offices and in the process of open a branch office. In addition, in view of the overseas market, haihua yongtai law firm also has a close business ties with many overseas institutions, and the United States Priston Gates Ellis, Britain CLIFORD CHANCE, DAVIDLIM&PARTNERS Rorschach letter lawyer of Hong Kong, Singapore law firm established close relations of cooperation, etc.

Yan Xuehai profile   

Engineering bachelor, master of law, graduated from yanshan university, renmin university of China, and fudan university. The current haihua yongtai law firm, director of the chief partner. Successively won the nomination of pudong new area "ten outstanding youth" and the new end title at quarterback, excellent legal service workers, changning district changning district lawyering development contribution award and the first "Oriental big law" campaign candidates, and many other awards.   

Professional casting conscience promote literacy achievement   

——Shanghai haihua yongtai Yan Xuehai, director of the law firm   

Confident and be humble, quick thinking and doing things stable, innovative and practical. This is haihua yongtai Yan Xuehai, director of the law firm to give people an impression.  

In race of China legal profession, sails YanXueHai is a young, outstanding outstanding lawyer: 30 created Shanghai haihua yongtai law firm, as nearly hundreds of government agencies, financial, securities, multinational companies, listed companies and real estate company's legal adviser. By him as a "leader" haihua yongtai law firm of unremitting efforts, a national in the field of financial securities, real estate financing legal services leading law firm.  

As a respected profession, lawyers have become the target of more and more people. How to be a good lawyer? Yan Xuehai said: I think a good lawyer should have a 'two hearts', one is conscience, the two is the sense of responsibility. Only responsible person, he will continue to learn, to have every detail, mining strict in demands, to the case, to improve their professional qualities, to meet customer demand; and this is a good heart of the man, a good conscience lawyer, he will think more from the point of view, will take more time to help the weak community in need of legal aid. As a real estate, financial lawyer, I am willing to provide professional legal services for real estate, financial institutions, more willing to provide compulsory for all kinds of people in the society in the sale of housing disputes consultation, enhance the sense of responsibility, do not lose heart, is determined to become a good lawyer I unremitting pursuit of the goal."   

It is the sense of responsibility, YanXueHai lawyer and his team to won the trust of nearly hundreds of well-known enterprises, significant achievements in the areas of professional service; And are the heart of goodness YanXueHai lawyer, for many years in the development of the business at the same time, also spare no effort to need legal aid for the social justice of the weak.   

"I hope we can do more for the social public welfare undertakings, in a professional way repay society, and also do some public welfare activities such as for the paralympics donation."   

In addition to the "need", YanXueHai lawyers believe a quality requisite to a professional accomplishment is also a good lawyer. "The bar has developed rapidly in China, nearly all lawyers in Shanghai alone. But overall the good and bad are intermingled of lawyers, mainly on the professional level, professional accomplishment has a problem. If we provide the service does not reach the designated position, people can produce misunderstanding to the whole legal system construction, produce misunderstanding to lawyers, misunderstandings with your institutions. So a good lawyer should strengthen professional training, professional level and quality must be higher."   

Lawyer Yan Xuehai itself has to continuously improve the professional level to themselves, and at the same time as the Shanghai Real Estate Association's chief lawyer, China HS Legal Committee Executive Committee, Shanghai arbitration committee, the Shanghai stock exchange researcher, Shanghai Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee China international trade legislation, Promotion Committee and deputy director of the Institute of the International Chamber of Commerce (Shanghai), director of real estate research center of Fudan University, general counsel of more than and 10 position, also in the "Shanghai Securities News", "Liberation Daily" and other newspapers offering legal service column, and published dozens of papers, the author of "market" and Chinese monograph "financing law and practice".   

YanXueHai lawyers dedicated to innovation in the field of legal services, in Shanghai for the first time put forward the concept of "enterprise investment and financing" special legal services, in particular, there are two big service direction:  

First, financial legal services, real estate, real estate trust, real estate funds, overseas real estate projects, legal services).  

YanXueHai lawyer earlier put forward the real estate financial legal service concept, in his full participation and coordination, haihua yongtai law firm involved in a variety of real estate related financial instrument design, formed a special direction of real estate financial legal services, a leading position in Shanghai:   

Real estate trust, for the Shanghai international trust and investment companies, warburg trust, and a number of trust companies in hangzhou industrial and commercial trust to provide legal services.   

Real estate funds overseas, and a number of overseas funds in for ING provides real estate investment and financing in terms of legal services.   

Real estate m&a, as state-owned assets management company, Shanghai jin MAO group provides dozens of institutions, such as real estate m&a legal service.   

Second,Financial securities (enterprise listed abroad fund, enterprise short-term financing bonds, securities, trust, etc.).   

Under the leadership of the YanXueHai lawyer, haihua yongtai law firms listed abroad fund, enterprise short-term financing bonds, securities, trust, and other areas of the legal services in Shanghai and even the whole country in a leading position, is a handful of Shanghai can provide the service of one of the law firm.   

Companies listed abroad, YanXueHai lawyers responsible for a large number of companies listed abroad project, for anyang chemical company nine days, heart to heart chemical companies listed abroad (Singapore, Hong Kong, the United States and other places) provides high quality legal services;   

Securities fund, haihua yongtai law firm has repeatedly invited to attend the CSRC securities fund legislation and modification work of the company's articles of association, and provides an important report (few firms in the country to attend). For warburg societe generale, such as the league of nations, nearly 10 fund company provides high quality legal services in securities funds.   

Enterprises in terms of short-term financing bonds successfully for pudong development group, lai steel group, and group company provides legal services of short-term financing bonds.  

Professional: enterprise investment and financing   

Shanghai haihua yongtai firm development through hardships for more than a decade. It's growing experience in general can be divided into three stages: from 1995 to early 1995, as Shanghai haihua yongtai start-up phase, small size, less personnel, business is single. In early 2002 - the beginning of 2002, firms in the growth stage, about 30 to 40 people, business diversification, gradually established mainly on investment and financing legal service direction. Since 2005, a partner by haihua yongtai firm restructuring, professionals in law of 60 people, formed with partners as the core team and professional service direction, earned steady development. Development plan for the future: two to three years, the firm size expanded to about 100 people, based on Shanghai, radiation Yangtze river delta region and the market at home and abroad, and become the country name in the field of investment and financing.   

Shanghai haihua yongtai law field made remarkable achievements, mainly includes: publicly listed company equity financing, real estate construction and financial securities.   

Publicly listed company equity financing ways, haihua private and listed overseas business developed rapidly, in 2006, which listed overseas projects - anyang nine days, listed on the Singapore stock exchange transaction smoothly. That same year, spi gold co., LTD successfully listed in Hong Kong. In 2007, which service of henan xin lianxin chemical co., LTD and nantong starr company, EG co., LTD., are listed in Singapore. Listing destination in addition to the Singapore, the United States, involving the AIM, the current across the country which has a dozen overseas listing projects at the same time, with the national well-known brand cooperation, like towers in shandong longkou vermicelli, east of water provides restructuring private design scheme of the current haihua in this aspect of the business volume and level has reached the top three, on the business will be gradually set up brand advantage. Real estate legal services, haihua with the national top 10 and top 50 in Shanghai real estate construction company have cooperation, such as green space, vanke, poly, just ty, Jin Mao, forte, city, etc., to provide year-round or special legal services. Haihua by 2007 as a "11th five-year plan" of Shanghai no. 1 project investment and financing legal adviser, the port of Shanghai hongqiao transportation hub with a total investment of 80 billion, covering a total area of 2.2 square kilometers, the project is currently Asia's largest investment projects. Recent establish cooperation relationship with several overseas real estate funds, legal services for many enterprises to provide real estate financing projects. At the same time, land acquisition, project construction and real estate sales business continues to advance,   

Financial securities legal services, mainly divided into three sections: trust, securities, funds and short-term financing bonds.   

The trust legal services, and more than a dozen trust build up bonds of cooperation and business accounts for a quarter of the country. In 2006 the nation's largest monomer trust project - "o city" project successfully issued. Participated in international asset securitization trust the banking system of one of the participating institutions. Legal services, securities funds is haihua is one of the earliest and most involved in law project, with warburg xingye fund management co., LTD HeGuoLian Ann fund management co., LTD., a group of outstanding fund companies to establish long-term relations of cooperation, actively explore industry fund legal business. Laws of short-term financing services, haihua is one of the earliest involved in firm, like pudong development group of finance in 5 billion and the lai steel group of 5 billion project.   

Professional qualifications  

Haihua yongtai law firm is a member of the all-china lawyers association, a member of China council for the promotion of scientific financial risk investment professional committee member units, China's real estate industry association professional committee of legal affairs, Shanghai state-owned assets law lawyers group member, member of Shanghai association of enterprises with foreign investment, member of Shanghai venture capital association, association director unit of Shanghai co. LTD., Shanghai youth federation member unit, the Shanghai real estate industry association member units, the Shanghai financial youth committee member units.   

The China and CSRC, China CBRC, the Ministry of Commerce, development and Reform Commission, Shanghai municipal government office of legislative affairs, state-owned assets supervision and Administration Commission, Shanghai city Chinese International Trade Arbitration Commission, Shanghai stock exchange, China Securities Industry Association, Shanghai interbank Association, Shanghai Insurance Industry Association, Shanghai real real estate management Department, Shanghai foreign trade management and many other government departments to maintain a good relationship.   

Held corporation financing peak BBS  

On July 6, 2006, Shanghai haihua yongtai law firm and fudan university, "first financial daily" together, jointly hosted the enterprise investment and financing peak BBS.   

The BBS of nearly 300 people. BBS, first by the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of Shanghai cheng-jun zhang, deputy director of the theme of "vigorously promote asset securitization, we will accelerate reform of the state-owned assets in Shanghai state-owned enterprises" excellent speech, Yuan Weirong bond fund, deputy director of Shanghai stock exchange as the theme of "current situation and future development trend of the asset securitization" speech, Shanghai haihua yongtai, chief director of law firm partners YanXueHai concrete structure commonly used in corporate investment and financing and focuses on analyzing the legal difficulties.   

After that, the participating experts and scholars on enterprises investment and financing in the specific form of financing, asset securitization, listed at home and abroad, and real estate financing to the full communication and discussion. Also has the choice, the exchange of listed the basic conditions and the operation of the overseas fund etc. Carried on the thorough discussion and analysis.  

"Enterprise investment and financing peak BBS" meeting, and has set up a platform for the Chinese enterprises investing and financing communication, held by the success of this BBS, to further expand China enterprise investment and financing channels, to promote the development of enterprise investment and financing in China.  

Pay attention to the development of construction law firm   

Haihua yongtai law firm is the earliest established r&d department in Shanghai law firm, spend a lot of manpower and material resources on r&d every year. With fudan university, east China university of political science and law at present, the Shanghai stock exchange set up a partnership. 2002-2005 to undertake the provincial total of more than a dozen of the topic, haihua in 2006 as the organizer and fudan university jointly held the enterprise investment and financing peak BBS. In addition, haihua we regularly organize 1-3 times a year by seminars and lectures, issued journals. Firm's corporate investment and financing FaYuan, regulations train "is one of the few lawyers characteristic journals in the industry.

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