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Location Hiways Law Firm (Kunming)
Established 2016
Main Practice Corporate and Commercial, Financing, Securities, Real Estate and Construction project, Criminal Defense, Party and Government legal advising, Intellectual Property, International Practice, Dispute Settlement
Peng Wang 
Profile Shanghai Hiways (Kunming) Law Firm (“Hiways Kunming”) was formally established on August 16, 2016, serving as the “bridgehead” for Hiways to take root in Southwest China and face South Asia and Southeast Asia.

Hiways Kunming is located at F6, China Eastern Airlines Investment Building, 219 Chuncheng Road, Guandu District, Kunming. Adjacent to downtown Kunming, it directly connects each core business area of Kunming. With an office area of over 800 square meters, we have a senior partner office, lawyers’ office, small conference room, large multi-functional conference room, client reception room, high-grade tea area and other functional areas, which may hold 70 lawyers. Based on the needs of modern office and management, we designed separate client area, office area and leisure area, to provide our clients with a comfortable and elegant environment while allowing our lawyers to work in a comfortable and quiet environment.

We have established a model of unified professional training and resource sharing with Hiways Shanghai and other branches through the advanced OA system, mobile APP, videophone, Baidu cloud and other advanced technologies. Under the regional, professional, team-oriented and branded service mode, we are dedicated to providing the domestic and international clients in different industries and areas with high-quality and efficient legal solutions.

We have formed a team with a reasonable age structure, which consists of over 30 well-experienced senior lawyers and excellent young lawyers who complement each other in knowledge and have respectively received the titles of professor, doctor’s degree or master’s degree. We have set up first-class legal services departments including Corporate and Commercial Affairs Department, Legal Consultation Department of Party and Government, Real Estate and Construction Department, Criminal Defense Department, Intellectual Property Department, Dispute Settlement Department, International Practice Department, etc. Hiways Kunming has professional legal service teams, including the civil and commercial legal service team led by Director Wang Peng, a national first-grade lawyer with his PhD in civil and commercial law, the legal consultation service team for Party and government led by Professor Qiu Yongsheng, a public law expert, scholar and professor, the legal service team for real estate and construction led by Mr. Zhang Jie, a well-experienced senior lawyer, the IP legal service team led by Mr. Feng Xun, a young lawyer with master degree, the criminal legal service team led by Ms. Wang Yun, a young lawyer with master degree, etc. The strong and multiple backgrounds of our teams ensure the professionalism of our legal services, and the internal and external cooperation mode and the concept and actions of constant self-transcendence enable us to provide better legal solutions for our clients. Helping the clients realize the commercial and other multidimensional values has become our eternal pursuit. We will continue to set up first-class and second-class professional legal service teams that match the specialties, and actively build distinctive, professional, stable and efficient teams. Based on our development mission, goals and vision, we will invite experts, scholars, and professors from national colleges, universities, and research institutions and excellent talents in different areas in due course to set up a strategy committee, to pilot our development in respect of concept, stagey, and wisdom.

Hiways Kunming respects and is committed to practicing the core value of Hiways, which is “earning respect out of professionalism, realizing ideal out of joint efforts”. We should use the concepts of “open, innovation, professionalism, efficiency, democracy, equality, tolerance, and share” to guide our leap-forward development; use the full-range and multi-level cooperation model to achieve our orderly and progressive “competitive evolution”; work together with the Shanghai headquarters and other branches across China to “grow together, complement each other, and harmoniously coexist”; follow the trend the 21st century, strive to explore, innovate, change, and optimize our management model, development model, and service model; and build Hiways into “a comprehensive large-scale law firm that provides multi-dimensional and professional legal services for clients, a top level law firm that enjoys high reputation in China, and a Chinese law firm that has certain international influence”. We’d spare no efforts to achieve these goals and make substantial contribution to building Hiways into a large-scale, professional, brand-orientated, and international law firm.
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Hiways Law Firm(Kunming)

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