Location Hiways Law Firm (Chengdu)
Established 2017
Main Practice Financial, Corporate and Commercial, Real Estate and Construction project, International Practice, Securities, Intellectual property, Criminal Defense and Dispute Settlement
Qian Zhang 
Profile Shanghai Hiways (Chengdu) Law Firm (“Hiways Chengdu”) is a partnership law firm established upon approval by Sichuan Provincial Department of Justice. We have the Legal Consultation Department, Criminal Defense Department, Intellectual Property Department, Legal Department of Construction Projects, Legal Department of Air Freight, Legal Department of Forest Health Industry, Legal Department of Administration, Legal Department of Insurance, and Legal Department of Crisis Management. Hiways Kunming gradually developed into a professional law firm that has taken shape.

Development history:
In 2006, Mr. Zhang Qian, Mr. Wu Deng, and Mr. Zhang Qingyong initiated the establishment of Sichuan Yongzhuo Law Firm. After 10 years of efforts, the firm has developed into a professional law firm with 31 practicing lawyers, 10 apprentice lawyers and 4 administrative staff from the initial 3 lawyers, and its office area has been expanded to over 500 square meters from the initial less than 200 square meters. On August 1, 2016, Sichuan Yongzhuo Law Firm signed a cooperation agreement with Shanghai Hiways Law Firm and became Shanghai Hiways (Chengdu) Law Firm. It is expected that, under the leadership of the Shanghai-based Headquarters and working closely with all other branches cross China, Hiways Chengdu will expand its office area to about 2,000 square meters in 3 years, and increase the number of practicing lawyers to about 100, making it a medium-sized law firm with regional influence.

In the 10 years of development, we have been honored as “Top Ten Advanced Collectives Participating in the Law-Related Petition Work of the Party Commitment and Government from 2006 to 2007” awarded by the Petition Office of CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee and Sichuan Provincial People’s Government, and Sichuan Provincial Department of Justice; “Top Ten Most Popular Law Firms of Sichuan Province in 2009” awarded by Sichuan Provincial Department of Justice in 2010; “Top Ten Star Law Firms of Qingyang District, Chengdu” in 2012; and “Top Ten Excellent Law Firms of Sichuan Province” awarded by Sichuan Provincial Department of Justice and Sichuan Province Lawyers Association in 2013.
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Hiways Law Firm(Chengdu)

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