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Location Hiways Law Firm (Chongqing)
Established 2011
Main Practice Criminal defense, Corporate and Commercial, International Practice, Film and Television, Family Wealth Management, Dispute settlement
Tao Zhang 
Profile Hiways (Chongqing) Law Firm (“Hiways Chongqing”), established in 2011, is under a unified management and resource sharing system with Hiways Shanghai and all other branches cross China. Taking root in Chongqing, Shanghai and other main cities China, the two branches are dedicated to serving domestic and international clients in as many service areas as possible, with excellent services and outstanding performance.

Hiways Chongqing was based in Chongqing’s China World Towers CBD at the very beginning of its establishment. In September 2015, we moved to 703, Tower A, Oriental Media Center, and established our modern management and service systems. With all employees’ active participation and discussions in the decoration of our new office, we made full use of space, realized the interaction between human and working environment, and created a comfortable, cozy and efficient office environment. To realize the efficient utilization of space, we designed moveable working stations, which is a notable feature of the new office.

Ever since the establishment, Hiways Chongqing has been absorbing excellent practicing lawyers, consultants and fee earners with diversified expertises, and now we have over 30 members to form professional teams and provide comprehensive services. Under the service mode of specialized division of work and team work, we are dedicated to building stable and efficient legal service teams with outstanding expertises. In the course of development, we have not only developed a stable and high-level client network, but also attached great importance to extending the scope of legal practices based on changes in clients’ demands. We have established strategic partnership with famous domestic and international accounting firms, tax agent firms, investment consulting companies, securities companies and other intermediary firms to provide clear strategic frameworks, rich external mind resources and effective utilities for clients in a comprehensive manner and from multiple perspectives. Apart from the traditional practice areas such as criminal defense, franchise, and company-related “one-stop” services, we have also gradually developed new services with distinct characteristics such as offshore bonds issuance, specialized services in the film & TV area, and family wealth management.

In addition, we have established long-term cooperation with the School of Law of Tsinghua University, Law School and Intellectual Property School of Peking University, and School of Taxation of Central University of Finance and Economics. Dr. Shen Honggang, managing partner of Hiways Chongqing, concurrently serves as an LLM supervisor at several universities, and is now engaging in the establishment of Hiways Chongqing Practice Base for College Students.

Hiways Chongqing adheres to the core value of Hiways Shanghai, which is “earning respect out of professionalism, realizing ideal out of joint efforts.” It’s our pursuit to win clients’ recognition and respect with loyalty, dedication, professionalism, and high-quality services; and it’s our goal to help our clients realize their business objectives and grow together with them.
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Hiways Law Firm(Chongqing)

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