Location Hiways Law Firm (Shenzhen)
Established 2017
Main Practice Civil business, intellectual property business, company business ( non - performing assets, listed enterprises, funds, etc. ), criminal business
Yong Tu
Profile Founded in 2017, haihuayongtai ( Shenzhen ) law firm is an important part of Shanghai haihuayongtai law firm's global plan. Shenzhen is located in the Yangtze river delta economic belt, is also the third circuit court of the supreme people's court, its political, economic and judicial status is self - evident.

Shenzhen branch is located in Shenzhen city Ming city wall southwest of jiqingmen, huju roadside, Qinhuai river in Shenzhen national leading talent pioneer park. The park was originally located in Shenzhen second machine tool factory, after the restructuring, developed into a mature business park, with a strong historical and cultural atmosphere.

At the beginning of the establishment of Shenzhen branch, with the brand and reputation of haihuayongtai, attracted Jiangsu to state law firm, Jiangsu chuangying law firm and other well-known lawyers team to join, forming a new direction of Shenzhen lawyers industry. There are 34 practicing lawyers in the branch, the average age is less than 40 years old, all have bachelor's degree or above in law major, degree, solid professional background, rich practical experience, professional knowledge update rate is high. The members of the branch form 5 professional teams, covering all fields, each team cooperate with each other, play the role of director.

At the same time, based on excellent professional skills, haihuayongtai " company law research center" was established here, which is not only the recognition of Shenzhen branch company law field level, but also reflects the advantages of Shenzhen branch.

Haihuayongtai ( Shenzhen ) law firm to " professional respect, work together to achieve ideal" core values, to " responsibility, professional, loyalty" as the service purpose, practical experience and professional knowledge in a furnace, advocating " sincere cooperation" work style, implement the " legal justice first" and " for the parties to seek the greatest legal benefits" practice concept, to provide customers with high quality legal services.
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Hiways Law Firm(Shenzhen)

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